Our Concerns

The Concerns – Action for Freeholders and Tenants

Rights of Way – Councils’s have acted beyond their powers in recording rights of way, which do not exist. Council’s do not have authority to apply highway law to private property. Strong arm bullying tactics and deceit are being used.

Right to Roam CROW Act – 1 million acres losing their private status by imposind Gorernment legislation. Devaluing, liabilities and restriction of use applications, exposing the public to new uncontrolled dangers – land re-designated.

Trespassers – Burglars have rights to sue for damage on private property.

Compulsory Purchase – Increased powers for local authorities. Compulsory orders for property can be decided by wish list or whim of the day, when previously , a need had to be proved – Under compensation is a major issue.

Civil Contingencies Bill – New dictatorial powers for declared emergency. Ministers could suspend or repeal any Act of Parliament and override existing laws to requisition, confiscate or destroy property without compensation.

SSI, SAC, British and European Land Designations – Officials declaring new designated land sites at their discretion leaving landowners with up to 28 new land laws which they could be prosecuted.

Listing Powers – Enhanced powers affecting private property leading to – building delays, increased costs, limitations imposed, sanctions and fines.

Liable Laws – Family Home Confiscation – Sinister new powers allowing the State to confiscate family homes. New Government guidelines set out powers for town hall officials to seize homes for 7 years, if they are left empty for just 6 months – Furniture and effects can be taken a s well.

Comment – Think tank Civitas said that: the outrageous confiscation of property ran against the acient common law principle of private property, as the Englishmen’s right to his castle, and that the Labour were behaving more like a dictatorship than a democratic Government.

We see such actions as authoritarian, draconian and above all an abuse of Human Rights, where British Law means nothing. The time has come to join together and end the confrontational approach. The British people will no longer tolerate totalitarian Government of the people, and seek the remedy of those who are abusing their powers. We wish to restore good Government for the British people.

A BBC 3 GET BUSTED programme shocked, it exposed what you can be arrested for in Britain, including a 78 year old man  who was arrested for speaking out at a Labour Conference. Then a lady was arrested by Police for having some criticism of Blair written on her T shirt, another women was arrested for reading a short statement out on parliament green, a freeholder just standing up for their property rights could of been included in the line up. The programme compared Britain with Albania over there civil rights, with Albania coming out overwhelmingly on top. Blair’s shadowy FTAC law has powers to throw away the key, just criticism of the state can get you detained under this law, in this area we read that Starling didn’t go this far. A former chief of MI5 said that New Labour was turning Britain into a Police state with the constant erosion of our civil liberties, Labours Civil Contingency bill, an over riding bill. Our basic rights to justice including habeas corpus got completely undermined, our enshrined right to a jury trial went out of the window, then their are the secret courts and prisons that people talk about. John Prescott introduced a standards board for local government which stifled local democracy and free speech in one fell swoop, also giving unelected town hall officials swingeing new powers is hardly democratic. When Tony Blair left office David Cameron got to is feet and lead the applause, how do victims of state react, they get to there feet and demand justice. At the last count there was 1043 ways the state can get in your home. Answering the question from John Hemming’s MP – Prime Minister David Cameron said ” the extent of judicial review has massively increased in recent years”. When I was representing Freeholder victims in a victims of the establishment meeting in Parliament 2009 in committee room 16 John MacDonald mp said as members of parliament we are powerless to act against establishment corruption, what is needed is for the Government to break in to its legislative time table and bring legislation forward, we ask the question how much has been bought forward

Increasing calls are for a return to full cabinet accountable government.

Prime Minister May said on her first day, a Democracy that every one can have faith in.