The Final Chapter

The D Notice

D Notices are a system of press censorship. The name stands for the note (meaning ‘Defence Notice’, renamed  a ‘Defence Advisory Notice’, or ‘DA Notice’ in 1993), issued by a the Defence Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee.

Moyra Grant, author of the book, The D Notice, states, “The guidelines also state pointedly that the D Notice system is a useful reminder of the legal sanctions which may be brought to bear if an editor or producer oversteps the mark.”

Article by Moyra grant on D Notices

D Notices Wikipedia Site

Official Government DA Notice site

Town Hall Madness

Gerald Howarth  on Precott’s Town Hall Madness.

Gerald Howarth MP has written a critique of John Prescott’s disastrous Standards Board, which has brought chaos to local government in England.

Gerald co-authored a Cornorstone Group paper entitled “A Question of Standards” with Owen Paterson MP – September 2006

Changes pushed through by John Prescott have effectively gagged local councillors and prevented them from speaking and voting on issues where they have declared an opinion.