Countryside Rights Association

Old material from the Countryside Rights Association

The Countryside Rights Association existed during the 1970’s and 80’s mainly.

The CRA has also liaised with European Landowners Organisations, a body that remains very vigilant as to the infringement of basic human rights especially in the context of the Convention on Human Rights. The cavalier fashion in which government deals with private property remains a large issue of which the CRA constantly reminds the government.

Issue taken by the Countryside Rights Association as regards rights of way

Fact Sheet 1 – What is a Public Right of Way?

Fact Sheet 2 – National Parks and Countryside Act

Fact sheet 3 – How to obtain the Definitive Statement accompanying the Definitive Map

Fact sheet 4 – The validity of the Definitive Map and Statement

Discussion on Rights of Way

Definitive Map – Definitive Statement

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