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More are using coastal path bus

Your headline (Tivy-Side October 19) stated “More are using coastal path bus”. It refers to the Cardi Bach subsidised bus service that was specifically launched to serve Ceredigion Coast Path walkers.

The headline is misleading because many of the passengers are local pensioners using the bus to go shopping in Cardigan from coastal villages such as Aberporth, Tresaith or Llangrannog and not coastal path walkers. Whenever the Cardi Bach has passed me, it has always been carrying just one or two local pensioners and no-one else.

This service is largely funded by council tax-payers and also by local coastal community councils, so it would be useful to know how many are actual paying passengers and how many are local pensioners travelling freely on bus passes. What are the costs and revenue of the service?

Besides , bus passenger numbers of 4694 for the the whole of the 63 mile Ceredigion coast path for a season are paltry. We attracted over 20,000 visitors to our Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park attraction in Gwbert alone last season, without any financial support from community councils or Ceredigion County Council. Why is this small bus service being praised whilst we are constantly under attack from the county council after investing hundreds of thousands of pounds to provide an attraction that brings tens of thousands of visitors and shoppers to Cardigan and district?

As for the reported “fact” that the number of people walking the Ceredigion Coast Path had increased by 19 per cent,how can that statistic ever be proved? Facts and figures are being manipulated here to suit a county council agenda.

One thing is for sure ;many sections of the Ceredigion Coast Path are unlawfully and dangerously close to the cliff edge , inviting fatalities !

L J Jenkins, Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park, Gwbert, Cardigan.

Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park

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We, the undersigned, believe that Ceredigion County Council’s proposed public footpath route through Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park , Gwbert, Cardigan, Ceredigion, Wales, is wholly unacceptable and will greatly jeopardise the future viability of the farm park.

Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park Petition website

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