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The National Freeholders – much awaited and anticipated update to this web site

Statement by Freehold leader Gareth Jones – site editor

To all Freeholders and Tenants
Reckless Britain, what really goes on, the walking and property storm is about to hit, it took the family of one of the latest victims to speak out, 60 years of carnage that deeply shock. Then we will never forget the freeholders bullied and tormented to the end. A Everest climber said on the BBC recently if the Everest carnage happened in Britain, Britain would be closed down Peter Osborne said the dark side of the Tory ere, Andrew Neil said in a discussion on how corrupt Blair was, wasn’t Maggie at it as well. Paxman repeatedly asked Howard for a straight answer. Hillsborough – “institutional injustice – delaying justice is to deny it” they say.. Ex attorney general Dominic Grieve said – self examination of the institutions is needed in this latest corruption crises. When we ask council officials about the big anomalies that exist over public footpath claims, they casually say “what if their is” one even gloated “we have more powers, we work with other agencies you will not get any where”, one top offical even said “its all about power”. Our freehold colour is red, a grinding state stop is required. Why are the Police all to willing to back out of control council officials in putting freeholders down. Sharens breath taking story was the spark that lit the inferno, she took on the establishment, she begged the judge for some help – “he replied didn’t you realise you were taking on a powerful local authority” – another freeholder stated “that’s all covered, that’s whats the judge said in my own case when I asked for evidence. I was certainly stitched up”. Ask the question why councils routinely use in house gagging orders in this area. . Who,s judging the judges, in a lead lecture Professor John Finnis the worlds leading legal philosopher reminded us that just as the rule of law is not the rule of judges – so too judicial power is not a power to remake the constitution “He warned against the growing tendency of judges to allow the vital concept of “judicial independence “to slide into the notion that judges should feel superior to the will of parliament, Telegraph on line , when we asked this same newspaper for publicity , we were told its not a news story, you would need something like a judge to come forward, it seems like its a no go area for the maim stream media. The state casually over see,s the carnage with immunity, even Health and Safety throw a disclaimer in, but when convenient its turned on the freeholder or tenant with establishment vigour. EU Cross compliance walking rule that never was came, it went, my words in the farmers weekly, amazingly made it on to the cross compliance list. When leading experts came together to form the National Freeholders a visit to class law was enough for England to jump at this panic measure, it was the beginning of the end of this corrupt policy of councils trying to impose public law to private land. We were told we would never crack this nut but we have, freeholders, regain the full management and control of your private property, Royal Welsh show 20016 is where we declared victory, its time for the confusion of the keep it going nature was ended. The Royal prerogative was recently mentioned in parliament, law is looked at a whole, not any one individual rogue act. Issues that surround Ordnance Survey and the disclaimer it used to use as been raised. We keep hearing more accountability from our Politicians, Freeholders we are the law abiding millions asking to be treated lawfully and justly. Freeholders if you read this statement tell more freeholders
Other major concerns

Scotland – plans for forced land sales by wish list or whim of the day. Wales is reversing the burden of proof when it comes to listed buildings, under mining the very principles of justice, when it comes to our long standing freehold property law Wales are starting to think they can go any where and do what they want, freeholder rights are just there to be trodden on.

Sharens freeholder property law (Sharens law), quite simple –


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The British People will speak.

Royal Welsh Protest

Leading freeholders held a minutes silence at the site of the freeholder uprising on its anniversary date for all victims. The Royal Welsh show, Wednesday at 12 – 2016